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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Arima safe for me and my family?

SAFETY, COMFORT, and CONVENIENCE are the main design criteria for the ARIMA Boat, with it’s wide beam, deep sides and uncluttered cockpit. SAFETY is a top concern in construction also, featuring a hand laid hull with foam injected between the outer hull and the inner hull.

What kind of water conditions will the Arima take?

The Northwest has a variety of water conditions, from Northern California to Alaska. In San Francisco Bay there is a constant 3′ plus chop with wind white caps. The Columbia River bar has a constant 8′ to 18′ swell, that depending on the tide, can always be breaking. There is also a 5 to 20 knot wind always present.

As we move North to our home waters of Puget Sound, the Straits, British Columbia, and Alaska, we find a wide variety of water; from flat, calm, and long 4′ to 8′ ocean swell, to a maelstrom of chop and white caps that come at you from all directions. All of these conditions can be compounded by tidal changes that range from 8′ to 35′.

The point being that the ARIMA was designed to be used in all these conditions and is thought of as the Fisherman’s Boat of Choice on the West Coast for Safety, Comfort, and Convenience.

What size motor do I need?

ARIMA Boats are designed to run nicely on smaller, medium horsepower engines:

15′ ARIMA……………40 to 80 HP

16′ ARIMA……………50 to 100 HP

17′ ARIMA……………75 to 120 HP

19′ ARIMA……………75 to 150 HP

21′ ARIMA……………90 to 175 HP

22′ ARIMA……………115 to 300 HP

0r Twin………………….90 to 115HP

What is the minimum planing speed?

ARIMA Boats will plane out at very low speeds and get the bow down. A properly loaded and trimmed ARIMA will plane out at between 14 and 15 mph.

What do I need to tow a 17' ARIMA?

If your vehicle has a tow rating of 3000 lbs. you can tow a 17′ Arima or smaller (boat, motor, trailer and normal gear). Vehicles with this capacity include 4 and 6 cylinder small trucks, sport utilities and most 6 cylinder family-type passenger cars or larger.

Can I fit a 17' Arima into my garage?

Yes! The height of the ARIMA soft top models is such, that if the boat is put on the appropriately configured trailer, it will fit into most standard size garages. Please see your ARIMA DEALER for their recommendations.

Is the ARIMA Boat self bailing?

Our 15′ through 21′ boats are not, for a couple of reasons – safety and comfort. Standing at water level is the best position to be in when fighting a fish. At water level you are much more stable, which enables you to lean over the side of the boat into the water – this is very important in a fishing boat. The Arima Sea Legend 22′ is our only self bailing boat.

What do the Pods sticking out the back do? Are they just for looks?

These devices, which could be called pods or after planes, are very critical to the design of the ARIMA boat. They are what makes the boat plane out at such a low speed and so quickly. The after planes add additional displacement to the hull which makes the boat more stable and makes the boat handle and feel like a bigger boat. In addition to these qualities the shape of the after plane makes the boat track straight. They are also used when launching the boat. Suffice it to say the after planes make the ARIMA Boat distinctive in the way it runs and the way it looks.

Is the ARIMA strictly a West Coast Boat?

The answer is definitely no. Because of varied water conditions the ARIMA has proven itself in over the years, the ARIMA can be adapted to be used almost anywhere. The stand up top that is used by a Puget Sound boater to keep rain out can be used by a Florida boater to shelter from the sun. The dry ride, quick plane out, stable hull, and roomy interior are welcome features anywhere there are boats.

Is the ARIMA strictly a saltwater boat?

Again no. The ARIMA Boat is BIG in stature and roominess, but small in physical size, and is very portable for towing to lakes, rivers, or to the saltwater as your needs arise.

Is the ARIMA strictly a fishing boat?

No. ARIMA Boats make perfect all around family fun boats. Some models have overnight cabins and porta potties. All models have spacious cockpits. This coupled with a smooth ride, quick plane out, safety and stability can deliver many hours of enjoyable boating. Arima has another good feature, that being the all fiberglass inner liner and construction, which makes after boating clean-up and maintenance a snap. The ARIMA truly is an all around FUN BOAT!

Can you water ski with an ARIMA?

Yes! The ARIMA Boat’s quick plane out and ability to perform on medium horsepower make it a good recreational family ski boat. Ask your dealer for appropriate horsepower and accessory recommendations for combination fish and ski.

What does the extended transom do?

  1. Makes the boat plane faster and maintain a plane at low speeds.
  2. Makes the boat more stable.
  3. Makes the boat go straight instead of zig-zag movement.

What is the draft of ARIMA Boats?

This depends on the weight of what/whom you are carrying, however our wider than average beam & extended transom gives the ARIMA Boat much less draft than other boats – approx’ 10 inches to 15 inches.

Why are ARIMA Boats easy to launch?

Extra flotation features from wide beam and extended transom make the boat float sooner when you are launching. So you do not have to drive deep into the water. It is very helpful for shallow water areas.

Are the ARIMA 21' and 22' models foam filled?

Yes – Bottom and sides. You can hit those and examine it yourself with ARIMA Boats. The Coastguard does not require any boat flotation on boats over 20 feet. Most boats over 20 feet do not have any foam in their hulls. ARIMA has foam filled any empty spaces for increased safety, rigidity and silence.

Can I buy an ARIMA Boat directly from the factory?

No. We are a boat manufacturer only. Our dealers install engines of your choice as well as trailers and other accessories and options. Our dealers will be able to provide you with the service and support that you will need for your boating needs and they will be there for years to come.

Where can I see an ARIMA?

We have dealers in many areas of the United States, Canada, and some overseas areas. Please check out our Dealers Section to find one near you. Check out the “BIGGEST FAMILY FISHING BOATS in small packages” available anywhere. We are sure you will like what you see.